Advanced Implantology

High quality implant placement.

An implant allows for one or more teeth lost during the course of your life to be individually repositioned. This means neighbouring teeth do not need to be encroached upon, nor is greater stress placed upon them, which is one of this procedure’s greatest benefits. 
It is a titanium piece that is placed into the upper or lower jawbone. As it is a biocompatible material (the body accepts it as a part of itself), our cells begin to create bone around the implant’s coils, fusing itself together and setting the implant into our body as if it was the root of a tooth.
For the implant procedure to be a success, there are various factors to take into account, apart from working with the best materials on the market. Orientation during placement, gum control, respecting important surrounding structures (nerves, arteries, etc.).
These are factors that mark the difference in this great miniature world of implantology. Thanks to our more than 15 years of experience, we have learned that delicacy, meticulousness, and perseverance are essential so that the procedure’s success is not fleeting and lasts over time.

Exclusive implants

As with all materials, there are various degrees of purity. That is why we work with the Swiss implant company Straumann, who uses the highest quality T4 titanium and a dedicated research team to ensure their product’s quality.