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At Aritza Mate, we believe that every case must be thoroughly studied in order to understand the mouth’s treatment needs, as well as to know the expectations and goals that each patient hopes to achieve.

To do this, we carry out a photographic study with a scanner (with minimum radiation) and some measurements. Then, the multi-disciplinary team comes together to study each case and discuss the possibilities, according to the results that each patient hopes to obtain. That is when we meet again to explain the issues to the patient and propose different treatment options, explaining how many of the desired expectations can be met, and making the facilities and payment methods available to them.At the same time, it is a new opportunity to listen to the concerns of the individual and family members, as well as to answer possible questions that may have come up.

Once we have decided on what we want to do, it’s just a question of our favourite part: Hard work!

The tooth’s interior is made up of neurovascular tissue, meaning a collection of nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for providing vascularisation and innervation to the rest of the tooth’s tissues. For various reasons (very deep cavities, trauma, etc.) this nerve sometimes becomes irreversibly inflamed, causing pain and infection in the tooth. At that moment, a root canal procedure is required.

Endodontics consists of accessing the space where the neurovascular bundle resides and meticulously cleaning it to leave the canal free from infected tissue, so that the canal can later be sealed with a material and the tooth can be reconstructed. This way, we are able to leave the tooth in place and return its ability to perform its function.

This is one of the most important areas of dentistry to take into account, as it deals with keeping the mouth healthy and caring for the tissue that surrounds our teeth, bones, gums, etc. Maintaining these structures is essential for our teeth, as a lack of care could lead to a loss of bone mass to support them.

The best way to treat periodontal (gum) disease is to address it through prevention, with comprehensive hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits. Nevertheless, there are genetic and/or socio-environmental factors that lead to the need to apply regenerative courses of treatment.

Having a gorgeous smile is more than just that; it builds confidence and self-esteem, while at the same time significantly improving the beauty created from the symmetry between your eyes and mouth.

In other words, our smile is a fundamental part of our personality and our quality of life. With beautiful, healthy teeth, we can properly feed ourselves and interact with confidence. For this reason, when a smile looses its balance, we count a variety of procedures to bring it back in line. To highlight just a few, we offer teeth whitening, dental veneers, orthodontics, and implants.

As its name indicates, conservative dentistry is dedicated to conserving teeth when there has been harm such as with tooth decay. Depending on the amount of dental tissue lost, we can restore the tooth by rebuilding a composite filling or porcelain onlay or inlay.

A porcelain onlay is the best option for back teeth that are cracked or fractured, or in the case of teeth damaged by very large cavities. Today, they are also used to replace old amalgam fillings.

Onlays allow for a cracked tooth to be repaired by only reworking the portion lacking a porcelain molar. This work is carried out in a prosthetic laboratory, and then it is set in the mouth through adhesion methods. It is the procedure of choice when dental tissue loss is very great, as it reinforces the molar without touching the nerve. Furthermore, porcelain does not age over time, it is more aesthetic and resistant, and does not contract as a composite filling does. For more information, you can read our blog.

Functional Orthodontics. Functional orthodontics is a type of treatment that is carried out at an early age (in many cases, when there are still baby teeth), which avoids more complex and aggressive treatments like extracting permanent teeth or very narrow palates. However, these days adult orthodontic procedures have evolved in a way in which it is rare that teeth need to be removed. Functional orthodontics will allow us to prepare bones and teeth so that they come in properly.

Damon orthodontics.
This is an orthodontics technique with self-ligating braces. In contrast to conventional orthodontics, the Damon technique allows for orthodontics with weaker forces, which are more acceptable for surrounding teeth. Oral structures respond better, allowing for greater expansion. This allows us to change the dental arch’s form, ensuring that all teeth fit without the need for tooth extraction. This advantage allows us to base diagnostics on the profile of the face and lips. Tooth extraction will be decided upon depending on if the patient has a very flat or very concave profile.

Sedation and Anaesthesia Treatments. We offer conscious sedation for surgical and long duration procedures, as well as for patients with phobias of dental practices for any type of procedure.

Prevention consists of treating problems before they occur. Child and/or adult education on proper oral hygiene and diet, helps avoid later dental problems in the majority of cases. For this reason, early detection of cavities and periodontal diseases is vital to the health of our teeth.

The goal of our profession is to respect, maintain, and extend the lifespan of oral structures as much as possible. For this reason, at Aritza Maté, we place great importance on the active participation of our patients in their own oral health.

We insist on the need for periodic check-ups, as well as annual cleanings, in order to avoid the accumulation of plaque and, therefore, diseases such as and/or periodontitis. Our aim is to allow our patients to prevent oral diseases,  and instruct them on how to maintain proper oral hygiene, with the goal of obtaining optimal results for both.

Following the instructions indicated, and going to scheduled appointments, allows us to guarantee our work once a procedure is finished, regardless of it is a cleaning or a complete implant restoration.