Our Team

Learn a little more about the professionals we work with at Aritza Maté.

Aritza Maté
Dentist, implantologist, orthodontist, and periodontist

Graduating with a Degree in Dentistry in 1995 from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in Bilbao, Aritza is the founder of the Aritza Maté Dental Clinics and a cornerstone of our team.

A specialist in Implantology, Periodontistry, and Orthodontistry, he has completed various Masters and Post-Graduate programmes, including: Megann Seminaries Post-Graduate Degree in 2000, Damon System Master’s Degree in 2010, COIP Invisalign Master’s Degree in 2013, Starumann Periodontistry Master’s Degree in 2002, Eduardo Anitua oral rehabilitation and implant Master’s Degree in 2000, and Iñaki Gamborena’s Multi-Disciplinary Course. He is also a Member of ITI (International Team for Implantology) and SEPA (The Spanish Society for Periodontics and Osseointegration). On a personal level, he has collaborated with associations such as the Red Cross, the UNHCR, and the AECC since 2005, enjoys skiing, surfing, and travelling with his family.

Maider Barberena
Dentist and orthodontist

Graduating from the UPV in Bilbao with a Degree in Dentistry, Maider is specialised in Orthodontistry, endodontics, restoration, and cosmetic dentistry. She also holds an Invisalign Master’s of Excellence, and a Damon Master’s in System Orthodontics.

She has been working at the Aritza Maté Dental Clinic for over 5 years, and manages the medical team together with Aritza. She continues her training in the previously mentioned specialities, as well as in integrated topics of patient care and management.

She considers herself to be a perfectionist, an empathetic, and a hard-worker, and her passions include horseback riding, travelling, and gastronomic tourism.

Itsaso Fonseca
Dental hygienist and dental prosthetist

Trained in San Sebastian as a Senior Bucco-Dental Hygiene Technician, Itsaso decided to continue her studies in Barcelona, training as a Senior Dental Prosthesis Technician.
She is currently continuing her training in periodontics, hygiene, and patient care.
She considers herself to be a simple, consistent, and orderly person. In terms of hobbies, she enjoys cooking, animals, and travelling the world.

Leire Alcalde
Dental prosthetist and hygienist

Trained in Pamplona as a Senior Dental Prosthetic Technician, Leire decided to continue her studies as a Senior Bucco-Dental Hygiene Technician. She is currently continuing her training on advances in dental prosthetics.

She considers herself to be a perfectionist, and a person with character that is filled with joy. In terms of hobbies, she enjoys handicrafts, doing pilates, and travelling the world.

Nagore Tapioles
Dental hygienist

Trained in San Sebastian, Nagore is a Senior Bucco-Dental Hygiene Technician and the team’s youngest player. She is continuing her training in periodontics, hygiene, and patient care. She considers herself to be a hard-working person that is spontaneous and cheerful. In terms of hobbies, she enjoys travelling, fashion, and hiking..

Elena Velázquez
Receptionist and customer service

Elena holds a Degree in Computer Sciences. Her professional career has always been focused on customer service in the healthcare field. Currently, she is the receptionist at the Aritza Maté Dental Clinic.

She considers herself to be a responsible, sociable, and active person. In terms of hobbies, Elena enjoys playing sports, nature, and music.

Helena Suescun
Dental hygienist

With a Degree in Business and Humanities from the Universidad de Deusto in San Sebastian, Helena is specialised as an executive secretary. Following her time in England, she trained for a National Diploma in Dental Nursing from the NBDN, and enjoyed her first professional experience working in a dental clinic abroad, where she found her true passion. She considers herself to be a happy, enthusiastic, and optimistic person who enjoys handicrafts, running, and surfing.

Our values


We can assure clients of professionalism in all areas, with the guarantee of our distinguishing signature, providing quality dentistry.

Quality Guarantee

We are a highly qualified team, both on a professional and human level, which is constantly learning and offering comprehensive care.


We put the most advanced technology at your service, in order to obtain the most exhaustive and precise diagnostics.

Passion, Emotion, and Creation

We are committed body and soul to our work, with a passion for quality dentistry.

Exquisite Service

We are reinventing the experience of going to the dentist by making you feel special. From the first moment until the last, we will care for you with a multi-disciplinary team.


Our commitment is to make you aware of the importance of prevention, as well as to propose the best solutions for you.


Our main goal is to improve our clients’ lives, and that is why we offer exclusive cutting-edge treatments that are always personalised individually to each case.